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How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Book - Online E-Course with Kevin Hogan. March 6, 2022

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E-Course: How to Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book!

What is an e-class? An e-class doesn't meet at a specific time. It is done 100% by e-mail and allows you the freedom to do your studying and homework when you make the time. The best part about an e-class is that you get detailed coaching from someone whose time you could probably never buy on an hourly or daily basis.

Limited to 9 people. This class will! So please, don't wait until the end of the week.

Here it is...EVERYTHING you need to know to write, edit, get published, promote and help build financial independence with your book is included in this one month course!

Each week you will receive a detailed lesson with an enormous amount of homework and coaching that guarantees that IF you can write articulately and intelligently, I can show you how you can be in print. IF you have wanted to experience the benefits of being a published author, this course is the one you should take this year.

This E-Course is offered only rarely. And...I will NOT offer this course again this year at this price to anyone. I WILL show you all the secrets of getting a publisher to pay you to write a book including the eleven MAGIC words that need to be in the first paragraph of your query letter to a publisher to virtually guarantee your book gets accepted while all the others are trashed in file 13.

I will also show you how to write in such a way that publishers will want you to write book after book for them. EVERYTHING is revealed in this course.

Notice: The course is 100% copyrighted and each student will need to guarantee in WRITING (non-disclosure agreement) that they will not reveal the course material to ANYONE anywhere. Anyone who knows this information can get a book deal...something only 1 in 1200 people currently writing a book will experience in the next FIVE years!

Be prepared to work very hard in this e-course. I'm not simply going to give you a data dump and run your credit card. I'm going to coach you like a football coach for 43 days and obligate you to become successfully in-print with an important publisher. How well does this work? Go to There are 4,000,000 books in print at amazon. Notice how many of Kevin Hogan's are ranked in the top 100,000, then the top 20,000 then the top 5,000. (You get the idea.) I challenge you to find a dozen other nonfiction authors with this track record.

If you are ready to am I.

Here is some of what you can expect:

How to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book - At the course's start, you will receive your first of 6 modules on how to write, publish and get your book SOLD! Whether you want to have a major publisher publish your book or self publish, you essentially have no chance of success unless you know what (a) publishers want in a proposal and (b) what makes a book sell (c) how to make copies of your book fly off the shelves.

Of course there is more to it than just those three components. Writing a book is something most people stop doing when they are half way through. Even if they do finish, they normally don't get the book into print.

Here's the simple fact: Being in book form is the number one credibility builder in the eyes of the public. (Number two is a Ph.D./M.D.) The tuition for this course is only $ 1997. But, you can Pre-Apply for the next course and save big! Tuition today: $1247!

A Ph.D. will run you roughly 60 times that number and take 4-9 years to accomplish. Once you are in print you can piggy back your success on your first book. (It is actually easy to get into print the second time after a successful book!)


The question simply boils down to this: Do you want to be published? This course is not for the "dreamer" or the person who refuses to write or promote. For 6 weeks I will show you every step of writing, proposing, getting in print, how to negotiate a contract, how to avoid getting ripped off by a publisher once they "bite." You will also learn how to sell a LOT of books once you are in print. I'll show you how to get book signings, get on television and radio and link your name to some of the biggest names in your profession through endorsements and testimonials.


I'm going to take you through every step of the process and highlight all of the different ways you can profitably get in print. It takes hundreds of hours to write a book. It takes hundreds of hours to research a book. If your time was only worth $20 per hour your time investment will average $20,000 per book. Isn't it worth doing right? I spent YEARS trying to get my first book into print and it cost me thousands of dollars in the learning process...all trial and error including having my book held up with a publisher that eventually went bankrupt. I'll show you how to avoid all of this! I'll put you on the inside track and help you pull strings and show you secrets that no one knows but people who are both authors AND publishers.

The course will have six specific modules.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to write your book so that it will sell a publisher and so that it will sell to the general public. These are two COMPLETELY different sets of problems.
  • How to self-publish for those with a little backbone that want to maximize profits.
  • How to avoid all the rip offs in contracts that publishers will ask you to sign. This part of a module can save you between 50% and 75% of your royalty check. Many authors expect royalty checks of $20,000 or more, only to see a check of $4,000. Why? They signed a contract with little catches that even an attorney wouldn't have caught because very few attorney's understand the nuances of publishing contracts...
  • You will learn how to actually sell your book so you can make some money and not just have a book that is "remaindered." (Those books in the "bargain books" section at Barnes and Noble... you don't get paid on those you know...)
  • I'll show you how to get a significant advance on either your first or second book. This is top secret and few authors ever will see a penny advance on their first or second book.
  • I'll show you how to get in print in hardcover for your first book! Few people if any ever get into hardcover editions.
  • I'll show you how to get your book into audio editions that make money and then we'll talk about getting your book published in other languages so you can be making money while you sleep...
  • Lots of bonus secretsthat you will kick yourself for not having invested in this class that I will tell only students: How to raise your amazon rating overnight.
  • How to write a title that makes 'em buy it.
  • How to write a subtitle that will determine success or failure of your book...with 90% accuracy and I can tell you how to calculate the odds so you will probably never need my coaching for your writing again.

When you apply now, Your Tuition Investment is only: $1247.00.

I reserve the right to decline any application.

Get started now on your course to becoming a successful, published author!

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Write, Publish & Sell Your Book E-Course


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