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Time for Love, Time for Money: The Complete Time Production System

Time Management, Time Production
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Work Harder? Work Smarter? How about this: Produce the Time You Need to Have and Do All You Want 


Time for Love, Time for Money: The Complete Time Production System. Workbook Included. 


"I've just finished your 'Time for Love, Time for Money' course and I'd just like to thank you for giving me inspiration again." Stephen Williams, Tyne and Wear, UK

"I'm listening to your productivity (Time for Love, Time for Money) CD set and you've lit a fire under my ass"ets" again. It's been a perfect addition to covertly set my vision to fast- forward production. Thanks again for your superior products and I truly appreciate your extra efforts and communication." Brian Latta, Groveland, CA
Here's a Time Capsule from 2008 that perfectly illustrates how I was living my life when I created this product:

Some nights we watch Little House on the Prairie on DVD. Others Planet Earth. Last night at bedtime we read the first chapter of the new Harry Potter. My son loves all this stuff...and so do I. (Recently, I've been able to take all of them to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas...a couple of times... A blast!) Two weeks ago,we went to Boy Scout Camp. (He's a Webelo.)
Other nights, I prep for an interview with Redbook, Selling Power, Playboy, Cosmo, or some other magazine and get ready for the next major presentation that is coming up.
When traveling... it's a rule. You get out of first class, go straight to the Limo and then straight to the hotel. If it's less than a four star hotel, something is not right about the trip.
When you give people what they deserve in life, you treat yourself well too.
Write that down. It's a rule. If I'm not traveling, I don't leave the house much most days. My 2000 Honda now has almost 33,000 miles on it. Because income is a global event in Time for Love, Time for Money, you make money while your pillow snuggles your head at night. And that is important.
If I'm off to a far off land, I make sure I do something I'll never forget, everywhere I go and capture at least one memory for the ages.
Time for Money. Time for Love. It took awhile to figure it make it happen. To be able to have time to allow money to come in via multiple streams of income, and yet, also, spend time with the most important people in the world to me.
In part, this is about living your "Get to Do" List.
People ask me all the time, "how do you get so much done?"
My friend, Richard Brodie, changed the world when he invented Microsoft Word. You should see his "get to do" list. He is the author of Virus of The Mind and Getting Past OK and now having a blast as a world-class poker player. He once called me, "the most productive person on earth." Jeffrey Gitomer, of The Sales Bible fame commented to his staff while I was recording at his studio, "He has it all (8 hours of seminar material) memorized." (I really don't...)
My stream-of-consciousness is my life and I'm going to give you the secrets that will flip many things you were taught about having it all...upside down. I literally love the next challenge. Each one is invigorating enough to get to do more.
I don't lead a balanced life. Aside from taxes and trimming the shrubs, I love everything I do.
Right now: get rid of your 20-year life plan.
It's a waste of thinking and paper.
You'll soon complete every project you start without procrastination.
I will tell you that you can have almost anything you write on your "Get to Do" List.
More important: I'll show you how and illustrate with crystal clear examples.
I will show you why a 20-year plan means nothing and is actually destructive to your achievement.
How can YOU have it all?
How can you be... not 20% more productive, or twice as productive, but 1000% more productive, and also give your time and love to the people that matter in your life...
AND remember your SELF.
You need to give yourself time as well. How do you do it? How can you make it all happen?
In this program, as in no other, I'm going to reveal precisely what I do and how I do it. I'm going to show you specifically how (for example) to generate enough words and valuable thought to fill a volume of Encyclopedia Britannica... to find time to have family and multiple streams of leave a legacy and people saying, "Thank you..." and the specifics to make it all happen.
I don't think there is much more important than creating time for the things you want in life...the things you get to do. People yearn for free time while I watch it right next to them...withering away as they walk through life with a blindfold on. There is not just free time but freedom to be had for the taking.
Bonus: I will show you my system of time management (ok, it's really a Time Production System where I generate time for things out of thin air...and I promise you that no one has ever shown you this before...because few people really get it.)
There is no point to working at a job for the rest of your life and then retiring.
Where's the here-and-now enjoyment there?
There is no point in living a life without loving. What you are called to do is to create, to design, to sculpt a wonderful life.
That isn't to say that each day curve balls won't come at you. They always will. They throw you off target. They do the same for me. They can take you out for a short period of time or they can take you permanently. I'm going to show you how to get everything done and more. Because life is more than the to do list. It is about living richly as you move through life...
There IS a "to do" list in life but there is also a "get-to-do list" that no one ever gets to!!! I can't wait to show you what a "get to do" list looks like and how to make your own.
You will be able to produce or create as much as you want to produce or create. You will be able to have the formula for multiple streams of income laid out for you in simple terms. Nothing complex. Follow the formula and you won't need to rely on anyone anywhere for your security and your future. The foundation of life long security.
You will be able to earn as much money as you want and spend as much time with those that you love.
You choose the number of dollars and the number of hours. I'll show you what to do to have it all.
This isn't a time management seminar.
That would be something I could show you how to do in a book. I don't manage my time. I live a lifestyle. This is a lifestyle program that you have to feel. Living a life where you can have it all is something you need to FEEL...and feel it you will.
All that it requires is you, your heart, a pen and the Production System Workbook to write the recipes that will lead you to a life where you get to do some pretty amazing things.
You might think you don't deserve to have it all. I suggest the opposite. And if you don't want it all, would it be OK to have what you want? To live the life you choose?
More than 94% of people have zero chance of living the life they truly want.
They will die with their music still in them.
They will not get to their "get-to-do" list. They will not leave a legacy. They will wither doing the same thing day in and day out until they die.
This program is the first I have done like this. You will see that it is impassioned. You will laugh and you will cry. You will be transformed and you will be energized. Not motivation. Transformation. Not getting your to-do list done, but getting to your "get-to-do list."
It's lifestyle in the life you choose. It's the simple (or sometimes dramatic watch out!) shifts in thinking.
Be fearless. Do this. Take one step.
"When I had finished writing my book, The Productivity Epiphany, I realized that one of the reasons my book was finally in print, came from just one of the strategies I had learned on Kevin's Time for Love, Time for Money audio program- just one! My investment in this program meant the difference between being able to say 'author of...' and plodding along with the 'I'm writing a book' excuse that people use when what they are really saying is 'No, I've not published a book yet.' You just can't go wrong with Kevin Hogan and his audio programs; they don't cost a thing- they pay!" Vincent Harris, Author of The Productivity Epiphany
Put a new picture of what is possible in front of you. Let someone you love listen so you both benefit.
All I ask is that you let me put a "get-to-do" list on your table.
Already have the "get-to-do list" and the life you design? Take the program for the ideas that you can show those you coach and consult for. You will never see this laid out again at this price.
To order this truly unique program, simply take home the Time for Love, Time for Money: The Complete Time Production System, now!
After the program, I promise you will be "in your life" very differently. You will have your "get to do" list written. You will begin to live your "get-to-do" list!


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