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Success Algorithm – The Final Solution to Personal Success in the Digital Age June 2, 2021

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Brand New, 10 Week, Comprehensive Online E Course begins June 2, 2021

This is the course you’ve wanted for years. This course is very different from online Courses you’ve participated in.

The first key difference between this and every other online course from anyone else on the planet is that you have daily access to Kevin Hogan. He will take your homework and evaluate it each week making suggestions and directing you when you ask, to jump obstacles and move along for real success in life, relationships, happiness, and wealth.  You’ll be able to write Kevin and have him respond within 24 hours to your inquiries.

Dozens of hours of video are here shot by Kevin alone, after everyone else went home from formal video shoots. Kevin sits down (most of the time) and it’s as if you’re having a conversation with him personally right in the studio in his home. You’ll get to see and hear every aspect of success in the digital age, step by step. And you’ll learn how to apply and use every single thing Kevin mentions. There are no mysteries to be had after this course. You immediately find out the value of having a personal mentor for 10 weeks. Someone whose not only done it all but has trained so many others to achieve success.

And it’s more than “step by step” – you are going to win this game of life because you’ll find out all that it really takes. Kevin even shows you in Week 1, “how to get lucky” because luck plays a role in success but most people don’t know how to set the stage for luck to strike in their life. Kevin shows you how in crystal clear, easy to master increments.

Kevin says that the members of his Inner Circle have gone on to great achievements because of just this kind of personal attention, blended with their own drive, passion, effort and talents.

If you really want to learn from the person who wants you to have all aspects of your life better at the fastest possible pace then check out this video. It’s not a sales pitch per se but just a few of the things you’ll learn in this unique course.

Watch this You Tube video to see what Kevin has in store for you.

You can apply today for the Success Algorithm: The Comprehensive 10 Week Course.

You’ll be notified within 3 days as to whether your application is accepted and your card will not be charged if you are for any reason denied.

There is a limit of 30 people who will be able to participate beginning in March 10. Kevin can only keep up with so many people before it becomes more than even he can handle.  Make sure you put a note to Kevin in the application for Kevin as to why you want him to work with you for the next 2 1/2 months as well as any questions you might have once the course begins.

The Success Course has received some very nice endorsements including Andy Watson, one of our more discriminating clients. The $4,995 tuition is cut for the covid period to 10 installments of $195 or $1,995. The tuition is in concrete until June 2, 2021 when we return it to a more standard $2,995. Once covid has run it’s course, this will be one of our premiere courses as there is as much email interaction as is desired between you and me.

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