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Sophisticated Persuasion (The Science of Influence: Influence, Vols. 37-48)

Influence and Persuasion Home Study Set
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Sophisticated Persuasion

"What Does it Mean to Own the Room

Very Few Have Ever Experienced it...

Now You'll Find Out...How"

This program answers the questions you want to know! How can you immediately become a better influencer, salesperson, manager or negotiator?

Never before in the field of persuasion....not by anyone...anywhere...

"Thanks for putting out the great information. I love it when Kevin brings out a new program - it means I'm going to earn more money. My income increased 40% (in one year). I see great things in my future." Tom Reilly-Smith, Ontario, Canada

It took 19 months to put this set together because the research was so in-depth and it was crucial to make sure it was right.  I wanted to give you the answer to "There are so many techniques which should I use?"

  • Reciprocity? 
  • Consistency?
  • Contrast? 
  • Expectancy?
I was never had the answer to this question...but now I do. The studies have been done.

Which of the 10 Laws of Persuasion is the most effective?


Which is more effective with women...?


Which is more effective with men?

Then, based on detailed research, you'll find out which are the second and third AND fourth most powerful approaches for influencing both men and order of effectiveness.

Want more in this Tour de Force for the field of Influence?

It begins with what seems to be such a simple element of communication.

It's not.
It's the area where almost everyone I meet is weakest.

I've written about story. I've talked about story. And here you get

the foundation of captivating one...or many. You'll learn the power

of peripheral influence with story.
It's not's a factual determining factor of your lifestyle going forward.

In 2019 the biggest problem facing anyone in any market is being seen.
Billions of minutes of video at YouTube. How could you expect

to even get a single view?!

You'll find out in this program

It's extremely important to be able to be seen as unique from a

distance. You'll find out how that is going to work as well.

Your ability to influence in part is about you. The person.
The personality. Your perceived level of Self Confidence

and your perceived level of Personal Mastery or Perceived Status

are an All or Nothing part of the Persuasion Equation. Their

perception of Your Strength is answered here!

There are 8 useful techniques I use to construct persuasive

messages. You'll find disc 5 and 6 packed with them.

Pleasure is introduced on the 7th disc. This is simply your

introduction to an extremely broad area of subtle influence.

Almost no one knows how to use pleasure as a motivator.

It's here...and then just when you thought you had it all....
[Notice carefully the change of font right here...find out why...] 


The Valences of Persuasion

The research says there are 8 "valences" of persuasion.

I've never talked about this with you before.
(Of course, I didn't have all of this until I had completed all the research...)

Personas are the valences people "use" when influencing. They include characteristics, attitudes and valence of influencer.

Some influencers are passive. Others are client-centered. Still others? Solution focused and so on. There are 8 clear cut defined types of influential valences.

So what?

Here's what you are going to learn, just about valences:

  1. What are the 8 valences?
  2. How to identify them.
  3. Which one sells the most, and, which ones sell the LEAST.
  4. Which single valence sells 53% more than ANY of the other 7 styles.


In other words, you are going to learn what SPECIFIC characteristics can CAUSE you to sell 53% more(actual study result, not a claim) of your product than ANY OTHER set of characteristics.  


Only 4% of all salespeople in our best study have chosen to adopt the characteristics of the winners...and 81% of all salespeople have the characteristics of the two LOWEST producing people.

You'll find out all of this and a whole bunch more!

Scientifically proven.

No opinions, guesses, theories, or maybes.

THE answers are definitive and they are here.

The content herein is second to nothing I've ever done before and I have no idea how it can ever be "beaten" as for the "wow" value factor. If you are in the field of selling or own your own small business, I don't want to put a percentage of sales increase out there for you.
If you manage people I don't want to guesstimate at your increased level of authority and respect. (I don't have a study for that stat!)
Let's just say that I feel REALLY good about it.

As I listened to this set, I realized that I've sounded more "excited" on other programs. I've been more elegant. I've been funnier. I might quote too much data. I said a few things I wish I wouldn't have.

I've never had as many final solutions as are in The Science of Subtle Persuasion: SI 37-48. And now they are YOURS.


What will you REALLY get?

Here's the thumbnail rundown of everything that is in this content masterpiece.


  • Getting You Attention in a Crowded Space and Place
  • Selling Value with Persuasion
  • Intentional Subtle Influence
  • The Power of Your New Story


  • 5 Proven Factors for You being THE Answer in that Marketplace 
  • Astonishing Perceptions of Morality
  • Self-Confidence, Personal Mastery that Cause Persuasion
  • Transformational Persuasion Techniques
  • 8 Techniques to Build Persuasive Messages
  • Advertising That Works
  • The Landscape Effect In Depth

and then...

  • Power of Perception
  • Hedonic Choice Influence
  • Influencing Decisions Rational and Otherwise
  • The Three Most Powerful Emotions in Influence
  • 7 Persuasion Strategies That Sell
  • Proven Most Effective Techniques in Selling

and THEN...

  • Covert Selling: Jump on the Hottest Trend in Advertising
  • The Person of Influence
  • They Don't Know What They Know
  • Marketing Your Face


  • You Can Be as sought after as the Next I-pad
  • Persuasion with False Memory
  • 7 Action Points for Instant Sales Success
  • 5 Little Factors of Influence...that no one else knows... 


"The program content is flat out superb. I'm 100% ready for you to hear it! Do you need to have mastered the previous sets to enjoy this portion? NO! Do this..."


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