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Secrets of Sales Success 4-DVD Program

Secrets of Sales Success DVDs
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Attention:Get an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition, Because You Won't Find this Information Anywhere Else - and It's Proven to Work.

Discover the Fastest Way to "Yes" and Have Your Customers  Eager to Buy From You Using the Simple Techniques in the
"Secrets of Sales Success"

with Kevin Hogan

From: Kevin Hogan, Psy.D Persuasion, Sales & Body Language Expert 


Kevin Hogan Body Language ExpertI've never believed you should just get out there and knock on doors or make phone calls. In fact, I was pretty good at it. But, the fact is, I didn't like those years of cold calling.

My belief is that you should "LET" everyone buy from you. But almost no one sells like that. Sales is both art and science... and for people who want to sell more than the "average", you need better than average new information to compete. It's that simple.

Asked to put together an inexpensive program that incorporates what you have to know in order to sell more... I've put together this four-DVD program and it is significantly discounted for your acquisition.

 "...I directly attribute your influence with my level of success..."

"I re-listen frequently to all of your products that I’ve purchased in the past and have to say that I directly attribute your influence with my level of success."
Brian Latta Groveland, CA

Here You Will Get the Keys to: sales success

  1. "Selling Yourself to Others"
  2. "The 10 Laws of Persuasion"
  3. "21st Century Selling: Selling the Way People BUY!"
  4. "The Attraction Principle: How to Really Manifest Your Desires"

    DVD ONE:

    Selling Yourself to Others: 21 Key Ideas in Selling

    (That No One Ever Taught You!)

    People buy YOU not just your products and services. This DVD contains new selling strategies never released before based upon scientific advances in behavioral genetics and tested in real life selling situations! This one-hour presentation will help you increase your sales in a scientific fashion. Best? It's amazingly easy to learn and apply this material!

    For the first time, you will learn concrete answers to this sampling of questions:

    • Which gives you the best chance at making a sale: Selling to 1 person, to 4 people, to 30 people?

    • Does a positive attitude increase sales? If yes, why? If not, why not?

    • Should you frame your sales presentation around the buyer or the buyer's family/group she belongs to?

    • Does it really pay to use the competition as leverage in selling? How do you know? Always? Never?

    • How does "locus of control" increase sales?

    • What is a testosterone rush and how does it get a customer/client to sell himself?

    • What is the single key to framing your products and services as adventurous or security-oriented and how does it help you increase sales geometrically?

    • There are seven core reasons that people make decisions and buy anything. What are they?

    • What are the key drives that motivate people to say "Yes!"

    • How do your clients' desires and needs determine buying decisions?

    This DVD is one hour and it is .... way good.


    "...I have rapidly advanced my career and my income..."
    "Hi Kevin, I want to thank you for all the great information, inspiration and direction you have shared with me through your material. Fourteen months ago I landed an entry level sales job with opportunity for advancement in a performance based sales organization. In a very short period, I have rapidly advanced my career and my income, and today I signed a senior executive contract. This is only the beginning! I have only purchased a few of your programs, but there is so much value in each of them. Every time I watch, listen, or read again, I pick up even more. The cumulative value of the wealth of information in all of your material is unparalleled. Your material has assisted me in making a sea of change; from a cliche of what could have been, to a story of second chanced and the power of focus and determination. Thank you." Steve Nanai, Danbury, CT

    DVD TWO:

    The 10 Laws of Persuasion

    Taped "live" in a beautiful television studio at a Fortune 500 company, Kevin Hogan gives you the foundation for persuasive communication. Whether you are a leader in business, own your own business, or are a salesperson, you cannot successfully gain compliance without knowledge of the laws of persuasion.

    In order to fully comprehend the process of persuasion, you must understand some basic concepts, or principles, of persuasion. These concepts provide the foundation for the paradigm of persuasion.

    People in each culture develop certain responses to common situations in the persuasion process. It is because of these responses to certain stimuli that make it possible to predict behavior and therefore persuade others.

    Unfortunately it is the same responses that make it possible to manipulate or be manipulated by unscrupulous individuals.

    Included are the nine principles that come into play in daily life as well as in persuasion settings, whether you're a salesperson, public speaker, consumer, husband, wife, father or friend. These are the Laws of Persuasion.

    These laws are the foundation for everything else you will learn about the process of persuasion. The graphics on this presentation are beautifully done to help you understand and master each point. This DVD provides plenty of new material that has not been shared before and it's yours for less than 1/100th the cost of Kevin's full day training fee!

    This DVD is an hour long and it is better than... way good.


    The Attraction Principle: How to Really Manifest Your Desires

    Learn the difference between success and failure in bringing about what you desire in your life. What is the EXACT formula that will enable you to manifest the dreams and desires you have been nurturing? Learn it all here. Kevin Hogan presents his Attraction Principle.

    You will learn :

    • The Phenomenon that occurs in the brain when we have Conscious Awareness

    • Specificity: How specific should our visualization be?

    • Sharing Your Dream with Others: Good idea or bad idea?

    • The "It Wasn't Meant to Be" Myth

    • The formula for manifestation of your clients' dreams

    • The importance of emotion when wiring new pathways in the brain

    • The 8 Step Pattern to Attract What You Desire Into Your Life

    • The 4 Key Mistakes that therapists make and how you can ensure success

    • Learn the exact pattern to follow for yourself, for your clients.

    • Know exactly how to help others STOP SELF-SABOTAGE and attain their goals.

    • Ensure your success. Set goals, REACH and ATTAIN goals. Attract the people you desire into your life.

    All these things are possible when you know HOW.


    This brilliant DVD is approximately 60 minutes.

    "...a rare gem in the world of persuasion..."
    "Kevin Hogan is a rare gem in the world of persuasion, psychology, sales and motivational speaking and teaching. He is a man of massive integrity, overflowing compassion, overwhelming competence, and deep understanding of human beings. This combination of qualities is rare anywhere, but especially in the often slick and superficial world of persuasion and marketing. I've listened to Kevin's CDs, read much of his huge website, and am part of his  Inner Circle - so I can tell you from experience that Kevin embodies these persuasive attributes. I can't imagine anyone not learning and being profoundly changed by his vast detailed knowledge in his areas of expertise.", Bob Beverley, psychotherapist; author of How to Be a Christian and Still Be Sane;


    21st Century Selling: Selling the Way People BUY!

    Learn all the key triggers that cause people to buy in the new millennium. Based upon cutting-edge research into sales psychology and years of experience, you will learn how to be the obvious answer to many of your clients' problems.

    You will discover how to program the neurology of your brain so you literally FIND success in selling yourself. You'll also learn how to create the outcomes of sales interviews BEFORE they happen. Most importantly, you will uncover the secrets of developing personal mastery...the focal point of how most of your customers will judge you and deem you worthy or not of buying from.

    Everything in this presentation has been TESTED in real life by real salespeople whose lives depend on their making the sale. Every concept, strategy, tactic and game-plan in this program has been PROVEN successful at raising your closing ratio and igniting your personal self-motivation levels to new highs.

    These two beautiful DVD's total approximately 75 minutes in length and contain material that has never been taught before on video or CD anyone!

    Altogether you get over four hours of truly astonishing information. Easily worth thousands of dollars, this is the equivalent of Kevin's $25,000 one-day sales training.


    You watch this and apply...and you WIN!

    Get this Program *Now* and Enjoy the Benefits Tomorrow!


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    Secrets of Sales Success 4-DVD Program

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