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Mind Body Certification: Home Study Program

Mind Body Certification Program
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Understanding and Utilizing The Mind-Body Connection


with KEVIN HOGAN, Psy.D.

and special guest C. Devin Hastings


(Home Study Program)


The Mind Body Therapist Level One Certificate (MBT) is awarded at the end of the course upon successful completion of test by the Minnesota Institute of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. (The MIHH is a state licensed school for hypnotherapy.)


"Your course was absolutely wonderful and I feel that it was a privilege to have been in your class. I have been able to apply many of your ideas and suggestions with my clients with great results. I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and making it possible for me to improve the help that I give to others." Marcia Finnegan

You will learn what Mind Body Healing really is, specifically how to tap into the power of the mind and communicate this information in very simple ways to your clients and their medical providers.

This is a very special two day certification course. Every hour is filled with immediately useful information that you can incorporate into your life and career right now! This course draws from cutting edge research in the fields of medicine, neurobiology, neuropsychology, social psychology and psychonueroimmunology.

This is the most advanced information known about mind body healing and it is being disseminated to you in a fashion that you will be able to easily understand and utilize.

This course puts you on the same page as the people who you will work with in the professional community. You will have access to the same (if not better and more up to the minute) information that all the world's leading journals in mind body medicine offer.

You will learn specific strategies for helping your clients including, reconnecting in their social life, hypnotic techniques to create expectancy, the attraction principle in mind body therapy, giving the life controls back to your client. You will learn how to use stories that will change your clients life and know how to eliminate those that don't.


A Sampling of What You Will Learn:


  • NEW! Theater of the Mind! Kevin Hogan's newest innovation in the field of hypnotherapy. This tool regresses and reframes contemporaneously!
  • NEW! Identify the 11 Maladaptive Mind Patterns a person may be experiencing and help them recover. (Including, Abandonment, Mistrust, Abuse, Unlovability, Deprivation and more.)
  • NEW! Create Love Interventions for clients who have not experienced real caring and connection.
  • NEW! The core reasons some people heal and others don’t.
  • NEW! Harness the power of desire, expectancy and conditioning to create the mind body response.
  • Medically documented research that specifically shows what helps people heal faster after surgery.
  • What helps children with asthma reduce attacks without medication.
  • What helps some angina patients heal very quickly. (This is unbelievable!)
  • The types of movies that actually change your germ fighting chemicals in your body.
  • What makes some people virtually immune to poisonous plants (like poison ivy) while others suffer needlessly.
  • The specific mechanics of mind body illnesses and how to explain them to clients!
  • NEW! Factual basis for specifically how intimate relationships help return people to health.
  • NEW! Help your client find the many kinds of love needed to return to good health.
  • Discovery of meaning in life encourages healing. Here are the steps you need to take with your client to do just that.
  • NEW! Create realistic optimism necessary for LONG TERM RESULTS!
  • NEW! Hostility is literally killing your clients. Here is how to unplug the volatile episodes of anger.

This Program is for the Hypnotherapist who Cares!


Media Format:
DVD Region 1 (formatted for US & Canada)

Outside USA: DVDs will likely work in newer multi format DVD Players and will work in computer DVD drive/players.

Manual on CD in PDF Format



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