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A Course in Metaphors: Introduction to Advanced Metaphor Mastery

A Course in Metaphors
A Course in Metaphors
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 A Course in Metaphors:

Introduction to Advanced Metaphor Mastery,

 with Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.


An Advanced Home Study Program in Changing Behavior, Learning and Reprogramming Minds


Kevin Hogan will take you on a journey of discovery, revealing symbols and language that you will recognize from your own experiences in life and you will be introduced to new ways to magically open up your world to others. And discover how the people around you use metaphors in their own lives.


3CDs: sales increase

  • Volume 1A - Making Metaphors That Captivate Them 

  • Volume 1B - The Secret Code to Making Magic Happen with Words

  • Volume 2 - Hypnotic Metaphor of Attraction

Who will benefit from this?

  • Therapists

  • Salespeople

  • Marketing People

  • People in Relationships

  • Anyone who needs to gain compliance in any situation

Metaphors are what you use to create new maps in other people's minds. Metaphors allow you to lay down new neural pathways, new ways of looking at the world.

In Volume 1A: Making Magic With Words - Using Metaphors to Create Change, you will learn how to translate metaphors into tools that create new neural pathways, in yourself and in others.

Unlike what everyone else is teaching out there, with this program you will learn how to get into the other person's brain, find the metaphors they have, and cause change.

Other things you will learn:

  • How metaphors expose things like racial prejudice.

  • Find out how and why metaphors have developed based upon your body parts (right on the nose!). Every body part is a metaphor for something else in the environment. Once you know these, you will be able to communicate with others more effectively, and persuade them faster.

  • Metaphors utilize a map to allow you to gain understanding and make things easier to remember.

  • This CD will show you how to use metaphors to covertly communicate the messages and beliefs that you want others to believe.

  • Anybody who needs to persuade, needs to be able to tap into the metaphors in other people's brains.

  • Learn the XYZ metaphor formula for mapping into other people's brains, thus making it easier to gain compliance.

This CD will show you how you determine your entire future by the metaphors you use. Have you made a commitment to finding out the metaphors in the lives of the people around you? If you have, you will succeed. Others are generally not even aware of their own metaphors. But they are easy for you to discover.

In Volume 1B: Hypnotic Metaphors - The Secret Code of Making Magic Happen with Words, Kevin takes you through step by step on a metaphorical journey, so that in any situation in life that you're facing, you'll be able to use this 10 min. metaphor and access your unconscious mind to find solutions to positive outcomes.

In addition to that, you will discover that there are cultural metaphors that allow us to map from your brain to my brain and that you can use them in communicating with other people and persuading other people. In this CD, Kevin's going to show you what those are.

Each culture brings its own metaphors into its people's lives and environments. Make sure you are aware of what those are and how it will affect their attitudes!

You learn how to help other people develop the strength to “climb the mountain”, to “walk the long road ahead of them”. And when you realize that's how they are thinking of it, and you walk in their world, the metaphors you use trigger off the right neural pathways in their brain, and allow them to make the changes you suggest.

You will also learn:

  • Kevin is going to show you how to construct a metaphor piece by piece.

  • Once you have the right metaphors, you will find out once you have the right map, their map, you can show them the obvious solutions to problems because you will be able to communicate metaphorically with them, when, if you would have tried to communicate otherwise, your message would have been rejected outright.

  • Kevin shows you not only how to write a metaphor , but how to trigger those feelings that you want in real life to happen.

  • How to take past failures and reframe them with metaphors into successes so that you can share them with yourself and others.

  • The core pieces of developing your metaphor.

  • Generally accepted symbols of metaphor, universally understood in the English culture. These are the symbols that will trigger off emotions in the other person.

  • The 6 Step Formula for constructing a metaphor.

  • What metaphors people respond best to.

  • How to use the metaphors people have that cause limited thinking and change them to positive outcomes.

  • Feature benefit: You get package inserts, which show the basic codes and symbols, for your easy reference.

In Volume 2: Hypnotic Metaphor of Attraction - Stories that Generate a Burning Desire for Connection and Romantic Passion, Kevin starts off by letting you experience his favorite metaphor for success in any situation.

He invites you to use this metaphor for yourself and for creating and weaving stories for other people that will capture their attention and cause those people to look at you in a new light.

One of the key problems with attraction is that people want others to instantly be attracted to them without being vulnerable to hearing “no”. In this metaphor, you will find out sub-consciously in the metaphor, how to send those feelings of rejections downstream, so that you are left powerful and confident to do those things that make others attracted to you.

You will discover a way to leave your fears, concerns, burdens and worries behind. This will make you a more attractive person, as those fears and concerns won't show through in your behavior.


Kevin will take you on a journey:

  • Releasing fears

  • Releasing rejections

  • Letting go of concerns you can't do anything about

  • Learning what attracts others and how to have a sense of personal mastery

You also will learn:

  • As part of this incredibly detailed metaphor which you get to experience, Kevin will prepare an immune system for your mind and emotions so you will be able to easily take control of each situation by preparing you to know how to respond, physically and mentally in any situation.

  • Kevin pre-programs chemistry into your next relationship, whether it be business or a personal relationship.

  • Kevin trains your unconscious mind to help other people fit, as they meet you, into your “keyholes”, so you have a more flexible and wider keyhole and others find you more fascinating and they will want you to be with them, enhancing your attractiveness.

  • Kevin takes you on a one-hour metaphor that will forever change your life as you listen to this CD frequently to pre-program in your responses to what other people will communicate to you in your life.

Listen to this CD once per month, to reinforce the subconscious neural pathways created.

So, not only are you going to get the incredibly powerful metaphor that will literally pre-program your emotional and verbal response to all meaningful relationships in the future, you will learn to create metaphors, map into metaphors in other people's brains, and trigger the emotions and desires you want in their brain, not some random emotions. 

You will know how to powerfully cause change after listening to others for only a few minutes.

 This program consists of 3 digital audio CDs and workbook that comes on a CD in PDF format. You are free to print out and save the manual to your computer.


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