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Magic of Influence

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The Magic of Influence (MP3's)

Kevin Hogan's The Magic of Influence Congratulations on your decision to pick up Kevin Hogan's brand new downloadable audio MP3 program, The Magic of Influence!

  • Omega Strategies are strategies that reduce resistance and reactance. Reactance is the fear of being manipulated, the fear of the influence itself, the fear of losing freedom or choices, or any/all of the above. You learn some of the most effective stragegies for dealing with resistance.
  • How can fear be used effectively in influence? How can it be used so that it is impotent?
  • 3 Things Can Happen when She decides to say "Yes." What are they, and how to deal with them.
  • You can script your clients/other person's thinking process. This is very different than having a script of specifically what YOU might say.
  • The Confirmation Seeking Experiment and what it means to YOU.
  • Reliable studies show us three things that matter in the process of influencing others. Therefore, there are three key distinctions you want to make and then take advantage of in the process of persuasion.
  • Who Sticks to their Decisions? How will you get people to stick to their decisions?
  • When Kevin consulted with a major company that cuts hair nationwide, what did he discover that you'll be able to use in your personal life and business?
  • Some of Kevin Hogan's Favorite Influence Techniques


Once you've listened to the secrets Kevin is going to share with you, you'll be able to more effectively persuade others to your way of thinking and influence people with a new sense of certainty and expectation.

Many of the techniques you will learn are brand new and have never been released on audio before.

This introductory program is for people who want others to say "yes"without all the stress of selling, a confrontation or an argument. You're going to learn how to reduce resistance so your message is more readily accepted.

The Magic of Influence introduces you to a new world of using your mind and the environment around you to gently, ethically and surely persuade those around you.

Along with the 7 audio files, you'll also receive a 55-page PDF learning manual that allows you to take notes while directing you to how you want to be thinking at each step of the way.

This unique program gives you a foundation, a mindset and techniques that you can immediately apply.

You'll be one of a handful of people to own this remarkable interactive program!

Other programs like this in Kevin Hogan's store sell for $279.

You can own it and download it right now for only $247. No strings attached.

Listen today and start changing how others respond to you tonight!

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The Magic of Influence 7 MP3 Files and PDF Manual

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