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Lifestorms: Blasting through Self-Sabotage for Breakthrough Results! (Short Description)

"Blast through Self-Sabotage for Breakthrough Results! Learn EXACTLY what is holding you back from achieving your dreams."

Claim Your Power

The same thing is going on now in your subconscious mind. Patterns you've been acting out since your childhood could be holding you back now. If you don't master these Negative Life Patterns, your Self-Sabotage will continue to keep you from living the life of your design. They will destroy your goals.

And, until now, there was no way for you to take control. Now, for the first time, there's a program that hands you the reins and puts you in the driver's seat of your life.

 Add up the benefits...

So, when you make the decision to invest in yourself, you'll be getting 3 CDs, outlining the origins of Self-Sabotage, the 6 Fundamental Emotional Needs, the 3 basic responses to the lack of fulfillment, and much more. Also included on the CDs will be a break down of each Negative Life Pattern, where each comes from, how it manifests in your life today, and what possible strengths you may have gained from coping with this pattern, which you did not ask for.

Finally, you'll learn in the CDs how to unplug every Negative Life Pattern in your life. And not only will you be unplugging them (and in less time than you thought possible), you'll learn how to install new patterns... that you did ask for.

And, just to make sure this is foolproof for you, there's a 'troubleshooting' section at the end, just in case.

All of this is supported by a Manual in pdf format, so you can control this process totally. There is supporting text and worksheets that make the process as simple as 1-2-3. Take it with you anywhere, print as many copies of the worksheets as you need.

"I know you have heard this before - the delivery of products is FAST, incredibly FAST. I have received notification and delivery of your products faster than any other product I have ordered in my life! Thanks for the wonderful products and service."

Carol Shireena Sakai

Don't forget you’ll be getting 1 DVD that not only lays out the Negative Life Patterns for you, it also gives you the power of knowing the 14 Components of Emotional Intelligence. This information is potent enough that you could deliver it, for a substantial fee, to corporations. Indeed, that's what many in the live audience have done.

Then there's the Surprise Bonus. You're going to love that one because of what it will mean to you.

All of this will be shipped to you fast. As a small business owner, I know how important it is to get things done on time. Your order will be rushed out to you usually the same day -- as long as I can get it there before the last shipping time of the day.


                                To your Personal Mastery, Kevin Hogan Conquer Self-Sabotage

Kevin Hogan



P.S. If you haven't decided to order yet, your subconscious may be working to keep you in your comfort zone. This program is the keystone for building a life of joy and freedom. I urge you not to delay.

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Lifestorms: Blasting through Self-Sabotage for Breakthrough Results!

Lifestorms - Overcoming Self-Sabotage
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