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Creating Information Programs People Want to Buy! E-course. Next course date 12/15/2021

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Information Product Creation


7 Weeks

Next Course Begins December 15, 2021

This E-course lasts 7 weeks and incorporates video lessons along with audio and downloadable documents. You set your own schedule - you don't have to be "in class" at any particular time each day. You get VIP access to a secret portion of the web site, and can log in at any time.

Kevin Hogan on Information Products

Creating In Demand Information Programs People Want to Buy Today!

Powerfully and Profitably Build Your Business with Information Products

Get Paid for Your Ideas!
Get Paid for Your Expertise!

If you are one of those people who has been watching others create and profit from their own information products and you have wanted to begin your own profitable business, then this e-course is right for you!

Happy with your business? Happy with your income? No matter how well your business is doing, you can always make it better and even more profitable! Even if you are happy with your income, you could be happier making more! Especially if you found out that there is someone out there who will show you the ropes! You can learn from their experience and avoid all the pitfalls. Sound good? I thought so.

  • The practical eye-opening e-course that will allow you to master the most profitable, income-producing opportunities available to Internet Marketers today.


  • Increase your income by 35 to 70% (actually, you choose how much your income will rise!)


  • Obtain true professional independence.


  • Increase your clout and leverage — profit from enhanced image.


  • Become a profitable participant in the Internet’s fastest-growing profession. Don’t miss this unique, comprehensive and exciting E-course!


  • You will study hundreds of scientifically-proven marketing techniques and ideas that will help you dramatically increase the revenue from your business.


  • You will learn the best ways to virtually eliminate waste, risk, and getting ripped off.


  • Everything is written out for you, ready to put into practice. Over 100 hand-outs, including exact text, professionally-written ads, letters, and web site ideas. You bind into a convenient Workbook by the end of course.


  • Have your ads and web pages critiqued — learn how to make them pull 2 to 3 times better.


  • Free consultation after the e-course to ensure your success, by e-mail.

You Will Learn:

  • How to choose what product(s) to create and market. What goes in to the decision to choose a niche?


  • How to automate the selling and distributing of your product(s). You will make money while you sleep!


  • How to design a web page that sells. What elements are the ones that pack the influential selling punch?


  • How to create an audio or video product. What works? What doesn't? You will see the designs that work and the ones that don't.


  • How to create a downloadable product. When to use digital and when to use other media.


  • How to bring traffic to your web page(s). Secrets to getting targeted visitors.


  • How to get qualified traffic to your site so you have interested buyers. Who is your target market?


  • How to utilize affiliate marketing to sell other people's products. And when.


  • Profitable marketing models, including the "Funnel" Marketing Method. Why is this so important to your successful business online?


  • Step-by-step instructions for creating the products you will be proud to offer.


Even More....

  • “Hidden” (and easy) methods to make products seem irresistible.


  • 3 amazing ways to make the buying process automated.


  • 5 critical questions to ask before choosing a product to create.


  • The guidelines you must understand before you begin.


  • Key elements of copywriting.



  • Incorporating your business. What are the keys you need to know before you even begin?


Course Agenda

Module by Module - 7 Week Complete Course

Module One 


Internet Marketing Insider Secrets

Finding Your Personal Best Niches


Model(s) That Work


Module Two 


Researching What People Want to Buy


Choosing a niche and deciding what to create.


Module Three 


The structure and content of your Program(s).


Creating a profitable web site.

Preparing to Sell.

Pricing to snag a lifetime customer.


Module Four 


Incorporating Your Business.

All the business aspects of having an Information Product company.


Module Five 


Monetizing your product(s).

Insider secrets of convention marketing.

All about LIVE events and seminars.


Module Six 


Capturing Video and using it on your web site.

Teleseminars and webinars.

Utilizing autoresponders.


Module Seven 


A crash course in copywriting.

Avoiding scams (keeping your money in your pocket.)


Who should attend?

Every Internet Marketer who wishes to expand their business and create multiple streams of income. People new in the Internet Marketing business. Affiliate marketers who want to expand into Info Product creation. Bloggers. Copywriters. Authors. Speakers. Life Coaches. Consultants. Anyone who is considered an expert in a field.

An investment of 7 Weeks and a tuition of only $1195 lets you tap into years of accumulated knowledge; learn proven methods and newest techniques; and begin your business informed and inspired.


Take-home materials

Reference Manual. You will receive numerous text documents and downloads during the course which will eventually lead to and become a gigantic, organized reference manual you will use again and again as you create your own new information products.

Kevin Hogan Motivational Speaker Body Language Expert Sales Influence

About Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

Kevin Hogan is the author of twenty four books. He is best known for his international best selling book, The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking.

Kevin is a dynamic, well-known international public speaker, consultant and corporate trainer. His keynotes, seminars and workshops help companies sell, market and communicate more effectively. His cutting edge research into the mind and keen understanding of consumer behavior create a unique distillation of information. Kevin is the founder of many successfully profitable web sites, including KevinHogan DOT com.


A 7-Week Seminar with a Lifetime Follow-Up System

Practical information you will need to begin creating information products that others want to buy.

Not just information thrown at you, but real, solid How-to information from someone who has successfully accomplished all that is being taught.


Up-to-date information on audio, video, and digital info creation. This course is brand-new!


This e-course develops skills you’ll use for years to come. A successful professional future belongs to the person who prepares for it.


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Information Product Creation E-Course!


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