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Influence: Boot Camp 2008 on DVD

Influence: Boot Camp 2008

Kevin Hogan Leads
a Businesstorm for Success!

With special appearances by
Dave Lakhani, Mark Victor Hansen, Ben Mack,
Gary May and Elsom Eldridge, Jr.

A room full of successful business people help you shape new ideas and brainstorms for incredible success.

Imagine what can happen when you offer up what you're doing that's not working quite the way you had hoped — how many immediately applicable ideas and strategies you might get from a roomful of successful entrepreneurs?

How many ideas offered up to others can you use immediately in your business? One idea might be worth hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to you and your business.


New in Influence: This past year's research nuggets - broken down for you.
How do you apply the results to your business? Anyone can report the results of a study. Only Kevin Hogan can break the results down to simple and immediately applicable applications for you and your business — fast, effective, and simple!

Click Photo below for Video
"Triple Your Sales"


Priority Message — Your Customer needs to know you are authentic to feel comfortable doing business with you. How can you assure you come across as authentic?


Metaphor & Consensus Maps
Key to Delivering what your customer needs and wants! New information that will put you WAY ahead of your competition!


The Art of Getting What You Want.
Dave Lakhani, author, speaker and international persuasion expert on Your Persona and why it's so important in influence and compliance.


The “Magic” of Influence.
Ben Mack: Using copy in startling, new and effective ways.


You Can Skyrocket to Success
Mark Victor Hansen. Lets you in on his Business Formula. Skyrocket to success when you follow the plan of one of the most successful business people on the planet!


The Magic Words That Open the Door to their Mind.
What phrase ALWAYS gains attention and ALWAYS increases compliance?


What Does "Attractive" mean to the American Public?
Does Sex Really Sell? And what does it mean for your sales? New Attraction Research you need to apply today to your business!

And so much more! 25 Full-Length DVD's. Uncut, professional quality production.

What are People Saying About Influence Boot Camp 2008?

"Part of what is so fantastic about Kevin's Influence Boot Camp is that this is a MEATY conference. It is not filled with regurgitated fluff which you can get anywhere else. Kevin is unique in doing his own research and staying abreast of current research and application of psychology, influence, and persuasion.

An additionally cool and fantastic attribute is that Kevin and his lucky guest speakers work with a true variety of businesses and do Business Storms during Boot Camp. Not just corporations. Individual Businesses of all kinds. Plumbing. Financial Services. Construction. See what I mean. VARIED. If you don't walk away with ways to earn at least an additional USD 77,000 well, you DO have to implement them, then email me, hire me and I'll help you implement them and you'll earn even more.

Once again, Dr. Hogan demonstrates his great generosity (remember all of those FREE articles at his website?) in wanting to genuinely help people because this was a $37,000.00 (hmm, ok, more than that, but to say that just looks unreal) seminar. Hmmm. Maybe a $227,000.00 seminar? because by implementing the ideas, you will see that kind of income within let's say 3 years of cumulative effect from applying these ideas.

Now what?

You see the package arrive. It's larger than you imaged! How heavy is it? You open it up, your hands are almost shaking with excitement and anticipation. “oh this is SO unbelievably cool!”

You pop the first DVD into your player. The one on your laptop or the TV? how will you watch yours?

As you're watching, SO many ideas, new creative possibilities start to simply POUR out of your brain, down through your arm, through your hand, wrapped around your pen, and you strive to capture all the ideas as they GUSH forth from your brain.

You're thinking, “Oh No! How am I going to capture all of this? I might not manage to do that. Oh NO! Now what!!?”

Relax. Deep Breath. It's ok. You got it goin' cause YOU have the DVDs.

You can always watch them again!"

April Braswell

"I am one of Kevin Hogan's Platinum inner circle members and I attended the 2008 Boot Camp this year in Las Vegas. There was so much quality information and eye opening tips presented that I had to purchase the DVD set for review.

To say that I got my money's worth is an understatement. The meeting started with a surprise guest speaker whom Time magazine describes as “the publishing phenomenon of the decade”. The meeting then had further peaks showing marketing ideas that would help any business to creating a business that would survive the rough financial times that we are experiencing.

What impressed me most was the selfless giving of exclusive information from giants of multiple industries. Moving , memorable and motivating. This DVD set has priceless information that will be a feather in anyones cap that is lucky enough to acquire it."

Dr Helton, making your skin beautiful without surgery, nationally recognized Cosmetic Dermatologist

"Hello everyone

Matthew Shields here
The construction industry's leading energy management expert

We are presented with true life changing opportunities only so often. Fortunately for you today is one of those days.

I was at the boot camp conference this year in Vagas and because of this my life will never be the same. This DVD set is packed with information that can be implemented into any business now.

Dr. Hogan is a world renowned expert in body language and covert hypnosis, his guests have credentials equal to his own. Dave Lakhani, Ben Mack, Elsom Eldridge, Gary May, even Mark Victor Hanson (chicken soup) all offer their experience and it all was caught on these DVD's

To hire each of these power players would cost tens of thousands and the huge benefit of having each of them in the same room together playing off of one and other and combining their thoughts and ideas would be lost.

Your mind will be spinning with new ideas to make more money, gain more exposure, and have a better quality of life then what you thought possible. This set is a must

Now I'm going to ask you is today going to be a life changing day for you?"

Focus Your Energy
Matthew Shields

"Hi, I'm Jennifer Skinner. I am a member of Kevin's Inner Circle and I own the DVD set for Bootcamp 2008.

These DVD's hold the most incredible collection of information I have ever encountered in one place at one time.

I was at the Bootcamp this year, and even though I took tons of notes, my notes cannot possibly capture the extent of information available on the DVD's. It like being there, in Vegas, all over again.

If you are at all interested in boosting your sales performance or increasing your persuasion skillset, get this set! Write the essay! Don't miss this opportunity!"

Jennifer Skinner

"Hi, my name is Steve Chambers.

I own the Influence Boot Camp 2008 DVD set.

I am a member of Kevin Hogan's Inner Circle.

Kevin's 2008 Influence Boot camp was awesome. There is a ton of information that can be immediately applied to your sales, marketing and persuasion efforts. Words that come to mind when I think about the boot camp are Power-Packed, Over the Top, and Enormous Value!!!

The quality of the DVD set is unsurpassed. It shows every aspect of being there at the boot camp. The audio and video quality are world class. IF you want information that you can immediately apply I recommend getting this DVD set.

The amount of content at any Kevin Hogan event is ginormous!!! Even if you were at the event and were a master note taker and mind mapper you would be unable to capture all the concepts and techniques that were given out.

For this reason alone I bought the DVD's. IF you were there you should buy it. If you were not there you should buy it. Buy it! Or write the essay on how you would use it and who knows, you might be the only person on the planet to get it for free!

Good luck!"

Steve Chambers

my name is Scott Bell and I am a member of Kevin's Inner Circle and I own the DVD set from Kevin Hogan's Inluence Bootcamp 2008. I also attended the Boot Camp live and in person.

The Boot Camp was an awesome experience that far exceeded my expectations. The days were packed with useful information from some of the greatest minds in influence and marketing. The quality of the DVD set is very impressive. Professional is the word that comes to mind.

If you are fortunate enough to win this set you will understand that our descriptions pale in comparison to what the value you will glean from this information packed 25 hour DVD set."

Scott A Bell

i, I'm Sonya Lenzo and I was there.

If you SELL anything, the afternoon session with Gary May alone, with his cutting edge sales techniques will simply amaze you. And this from someone who reads every word written on sales. But Gary is funny and useful. I could not wait to get home and put his ideas into use. They translate into every industry and every sales professional can use them!

Some moments of this event were high concept, some high humor, some intensely practical.

You will watch the DVD's again and again to squeeze every bit of wisdom from them…and you will be miles ahead of your competition!"

Sonya Lenzo

"Hi, My Name is David Power an Expert in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success Thinking and Practical Parenting.

As someone who has the privilege of being in Kevin's Inner circle I can tell you first hand that this Influence Boot Camp is truly amazing. Once a year…inspirational and ingenious people gather together in Las Vegas, USA to listen to Kevin Hogan exchange something of remarkable value.What happens there has never been shared on DVD until now —Influence Boot Camp 2008.

Many of the secrets that have only been shared with the select elite are now available for you on DVD with a wealth of strategies and knowledge which will help you get a head of the curve. The choice is rather incredible and has everything you need to come out on top as a business leader or successful individual.

What you learn is not the why but the how, practical, easy to use techniques for you to be a winner today! Learn to make your dream and emotions more of a reality, let his influence toolkit
help make the invisible visible and real for you!

1) Discover Alpha and Omega Strategies

2) Watch Brainstorms in Action

3) Hear top speakers such as Dave Lakhani, Ben Mack and Mark Victor Hansen share some of their inside secrets and experiences of their world.


And so much more…

So what are you waiting for? Send in your essay today and I promise to be your best Judge and Jury for sure!"

David Power, London, UK

Expert in Clinical Hypnosis, Success Thinking and Practical Parenting and

Experience Boot Camp 2008 on 25 full-length DVD's Today!


A word about DVD formats: These DVD's are formatted for USA/Canada. However, they will likely play in newer DVD's that can play multiple formats. They should play in any computer DVD drive.

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