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Lose Weight with Hypnosis: The Home Based System on CD

Weight Loss with Hypnosis
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Lose Weight with Hypnosis:

The Home Based System on CD

6 CD System and Manual

The Median Weight Loss

for Participants

at 8 Weeks is 19 Pounds!!!


Now it's Your Turn!

Who should own this program?

Everyone who would like to implement a weight loss plan that works.



  • The Weight Loss Formula 
  • How to Determine How Many Pounds You will Lose!
  • How to Utilize Self-Hypnosis
  • Create new stimulus-responses for the unconscious reasons you overeat
  • Re-program your brain for weight loss
  • Learn how to most effectively chart your progress



Included FREE with this set is a special chart you will use to mark your progress, along with a manual. Everything YOU need to begin YOUR weight loss program today!


Even if you've never been able to lose weight before you are more than likely to now.

You already know that weight loss is an elusive goal. Now find out what you can do to lose 20 pounds and three inches in approximately 9 weeks.

Goals, will-power, a fad diet and a positive mental attitude are not enough to take inches off. They never work and they never will.


This home based system is based upon the actual RESULTS of over 2000 people in four states who have utilized this program. (All original research is included in this program!)


You are going to receive six CDs.

The first two CD's show you exactly how to work the program and chart your progress.

The final four CD's are the high powered self hypnosis CDs that will help you realize your outcome.


This is not your typical hypnosis for weight loss program. This program is based on actual results from people just like you ...and me. Yes I was once in 42's...not anymore. 36's are back and have been for six years.

This system will take you through the process of re-programming your mind so you can create new stimulus responses to food, hunger urges, locations and unconscious reasons you eat. The system addresses the CORE REASONS that weight is staying on the body and it will not change until the TWO key mental programs start running differently.

Now you can begin to feel better as you realize that your weight will begin to fade yourself a new sense of pride and a slimmer look. This system was developed and scientifically researched by the author.

The median weight loss for participants at 8 weeks is 19 pounds!!!

Now it's your turn.

Over 2000+ participants have benefited from this weight loss system.



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