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Corporate Veil Pro: Protection for Your Business and Family (Digital Downloads)

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Just Having A Corporation Offers
A False Sense of Security…
To Really Protect Your Personal Assets,
You Must Act Like a Real Corporation…

Your "corporate veil" DOES NOT protect
your personal assets automatically...
Ignoring these 7 simple tasks could easily
cost you $65,000 or more.


Dear Business Owner,


If I could show you how, in one weekend, you can quickly and easily get your corporate records up to date, would you be interested?




And what if, in the process, I could show you how to protect your assets?


Further, what if I could show you how to maintain your personal freedom?


I have spent the last year researching the simplest, easiest way to accomplish this and it can be followed by anyone…




Your Corporate Records Explained For the Business Owner is a clear, concise step-by-step guide to getting your corporate records on track and keeping them that way forever!


Could You Lose it ALL on a Technicality?


As a business owner, you've done a ton of paperwork for the government, filing umpteen forms and paying endless filing fees.  You’ve done all the required tax returns and payroll accounting, but have you done the things that there isn’t a deadline for and that no one is coming to ask you for?




There are about 7 things that you need to do with your corporation that no one will ever come and ask you for until it is TOO LATE.  (And you’ll need most of these things if you ever sell the business too)…


Be honest - you vaguely remember when you first started the business that there were some required records and meetings-- you knew you should keep everything updated, but you just didn't "have the time". Right?


Well, let me tell you something. The law still stands. You do need to update your records, whether you "have the time" or not.






...How Would You Feel Getting Caught "With Your Pants Down"?




If you got that knock on the door, would your records stand up to the judge who is being asked by the shark lawyer to throw out your corporation so they can take your house and your savings?



  • Go take a look right now. When's the last time you updated your corporate records? A year ago? Two years ago? More?
  • Are your stock logs and stock certificates in order?
  • Calm down. Don't get too riled up. Did you know most business owners put this off?
  • You're not alone… by my informal research more than 95% of all small business owners are not safe!
  • The average business owner in America files the papers to start the business, then forgets about it.

...What Does This Mean for You?




It means you are at risk.




Lawsuits of every form are on the rise, and with tough economic times the people looking to make a living by attacking business owners with frivolous charges is on the upswing…


Research show that a certain percentage of business owners will be audited each year, and you MUST be able to document your financial decisions including how all the money moved in and out of your business.  They can force you to pay back taxes, huge fines, and interest just because you didn’t dot your i’s and cross your t’s.




Will you be one of the unlucky ones lined up for slaughter?




Can you imagine having to start over again with nothing because it was taken away by a technicality?




The key is in being prepared.






Will You Listen to this Wake-Up Call and Finally Get Prepared?


Or will you continue to risk everything without even knowing how easy it is to make this right.


Here's the deal. You know you are at risk. About 8 hours of your time can save you a lifetime of dread, worry,!


But if you wait until the knock on the door it will be too late… Could you ever forgive yourself for losing your lifestyle and home over less than eight hours of work?




With this complete step-by-step manual, and the 6-CD set, you get everything you need to update your corporate records and protect your assets. Period.




Need more reasons to pay attention?




3 Reasons You Must Act Now




Reason One: Finally You’ll Know the Rules




Once and for all you’ll know what is required of you as a small business owner.  We’ll help you see where you need to fix things up and show you how to take inventory of your situation…

You'll learn and understand the difference between being behind and being truly prepared.




Reason Two: And You’ll Know Your Vulnerabilities




Once you know exactly where you stand, you’ll clearly see where you are vulnerable.




Reason Three: Simple Actions Will Save You Headaches and Money! 




We’ll provide a clear, concise, step-by-step ROAD MAP that will take you by the hand and give you all the tools to get things ship-shape.  These are things you can do today to protect your tomorrow.


Now STOP for a second!


Are you starting to get a CLEAR PICTURE of what's in store if you do not update your records now? 


You can be fully informed for much less than the cost of an hour with a lawyer and we’ll explain it all in plain English! 

See how easy it can be?

Now you'll experience a calm you've never had before when thinking about your corporate situation. 


Get Started Now



You will be happy you did.


This is your chance to put your mind at ease.


The whole program is downloadable so start right now! Streamlined Manual, plus all the forms you’ll need in PDF format!




You get EVERYTHING you will need to know to put your business in order in ONE weekend.


Included is a gigantic manual with all you need to know.


Enjoy a calm you've never felt before!


Enjoy this set at a special low introductory price!


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Corporate Veil Pro: Protection for you and your Family (Digital Downloads)


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