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Certified Instructor of Self Hypnosis Home Study Certification Program

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Complete Home Study Package for Certification!

Certified Instructor of Self Hypnosis Home Study Certification Program

with Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.


Earn An Important New Credential from Home!

This is a complete Home Study Course!
(for those certified in hypnosis or related work)


"I found that it was a remarkable course, stimulating, more than I could have wished for, and worthy of recommending to my colleagues. I have looked for such information for the past several years at the Guild Convention. This course was more exceptional than all of the seminars and books I obtained at the Convention. Thanks." Julian D. Wick, Knoxville, TN


Are you ready to earn a new and truly important credential that will open doors to your practice that have been long shut tight? You now have an opportunity to earn certification as an instructor of self-hypnosis. Your certification will give you the initials C.I.S.H. (Certified Instructor of Self Hypnosis)


Certification test is included in the package.

Evaluation and certification are available at no extra charge.


What organization will provide your certification? The Minnesota Institute of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is generally recognized as the nation's leading hypnosis and mind/brain training facility and will be awarding your certificate upon completion of the home study exam.

School founder Kevin Hogan, Psy.D., has developed a breakthrough intensive certification course to individuals who have been certified in hypnosis and related fields (or to those who possess advanced degrees in medicine and mental health).



  1. You will learn how to effectively and profitably teach self-hypnosis in individual and group settings so you can help your clients and classes achieve their outcomes, overcome dozens of problems, and dramatically improve their lives.
  2. You will learn how to easily promote this new approach to helping others help themselves. You will open doors to medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and many other professionals that have been closed for decades.
  3. Referrals can now become a reality where they were once a dream! Almost every mental and medical health practitioner will be happy to let you work with their clients when they discover you are going to teach them SELF-hypnosis!

You will learn how to:

  • Explain self hypnosis to your client/class so they understand what it is.
  • Teach hypnotic techniques to overcome troubling emotions of fear, anger, guilt, and resentment.
  • Teach your clients how to do guided imagery.
  • Help your clients write scripts so they can make audio tapes for their personal use.
  • Show your clients how to create personal life metaphors that generate positive outcomes in their lives.
  • Help people visualize who normally can't!
  • Write the story of their life so it has the outcome they choose.
  • Teach your client to improve his or her sex life!
  • Let people understand how the brain/mind work so they understand themselves...and their unconscious mind.
  • Create self-hypnosis for the relief of pain.
  • How to promote yourself as an instructor of self-hypnosis.
  • How to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per year as part of our new network of qualified practitioners. (above and beyond any work you do yourself!)

Who Should Earn this Credential:

Certified Hypnotherapists and those with certifications and licenses in the related fields of Psychology, Medicine, Nurses, Hospice, Counselors, Therapists and Sports/Performance. Those looking to expand their practice without an enormous amount of work or expense.


About Your Instructor:

Kevin Hogan received his doctorate in Psychology and is the founder of the Minnesota Institute of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. In 2001 he won the prestigious Ormond McGill Award, which is awarded annually to the outstanding faculty member of the year by the National Guild of Hypnotists. He was awarded the Educator of the Year by the NGH in 2002. He has written 10 books including Covert Hypnosis, The New Hypnotherapy Handbook and The Psychology of Persuasion. He is a certified instructor of hypnosis and is generally recognized as a pillar of the ethical use of hypnotherapy.


You will receive six CDs packed with everything you need to know to teach AND promote yourself with zero cost in your community. In addition to the CDs you will receive an oversized manual complete with instructions on how to write metaphors, teach people how to get what they want in life and most importantly how to get yourself on the map so people recognize YOU as the expert and go to person in your field. This course is the first ever to offer a CISH upon completion and your new credential will open doors you never dreamed of.


What kinds of problems and difficulties has self hypnosis been proven useful for in some people?

Weight Loss
Combating Pain
Quit Smoking
Fighting Phobias
Stress Reduction
Easing Childbirth
Improving Athletic Performance
Anxiety Reduction
Fighting Depression
Reducing the Allergic Response
Improving Sexual Performance
Eliminating Impotence
Enhancing Orgasm
Stopping Premature Ejaculation
Headache Pain Reduction
Easing Nausea
Reducing Constipation
Reducing Fatigue
Increasing Immune Response
Improving Grades in School
Healing Emotional Scars
Overcoming Worry
Eliminate Feelings of Inferiority
Stopping Jealousy
Reducing the Fear Response
Increase Self Confidence
Enhance Problem Solving Skills
Overcome Insomnia
Stop Smoking
Reduce TMJ Pain
Improving Performance
Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking
Eliminate Stage Fright


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