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The Eye of the Storm: Your Only Place of Safety in the Coming Decade of Drama

The Eye of the Storm with Kevin Hogan & Steve Chambers
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The Eye of the Storm: Your Only Place of Safety in the Coming Decade of Drama

Kevin Hogan and Steve Chambers

8 Full Length Audio CDs Plus Bonus CD and Manual on CD
Never in American History have we experienced what is about to happen in the financial markets. To call it "a Great Depression" is like saying Katrina was "windy."
Kevin Hogan on Eye of the Economic Storm new CD ProgramVery few people I've spoken with have a clue as to how to ride out the storm so they actually have something when it finally exhausts itself.
Steve Chambers interviewed me for 9 hours before Influence: Boot Camp. His goal was to create a program that the intelligent person could listen to so you could live life how you choose, even if others don't.
There is always good news to report even in the most chaotic times. My goal for the listener is to have to read about the bad news because they are only minimally impacted by it. And for the better their position in using an Aikido approach to the economy where you live.
1) Understand: what is really happening in the world that has caused this very un-natural disaster.
2) Predict: Use the Law of Unintended Consequences to project the possible futures in this man-made mess.
3) Prepare: What almost anyone regardless of their current standing, can do to come out unharmed from the next waves of the hurricane.
4) Plan: Using the principle of Occam's Razor, lay out the simplest strategies for protecting preserving what people currently have left in 401 k's, IRA's, their home, their job and so forth.
5) Discern: the traps that will happen because of the nature of the nation's leadership current courses of action.
6) Cope: How to specifically cope with each new wave as it comes ashore.
7) Action: What to do now and at each of the next waves so you can be among those in the eye of the storm.
I'll give you an example of each of these below.
A hurricane is easy to see coming, but it doesn't simply come ashore where it's "supposed to,", do damage and leave. An earthquake doesn't quake and "quit. They come in "waves" and "lulls" often given the illusion of being "finished" before yielding it's greatest damage.
Similarly, this E(conomic) Hurricane was easy to see coming and it has already begun in waves and lulls.
While financial experts compare what is happening and more importantly, yet to come, to the Great Depression, that is an egregious error that will prove costly.
There are similarities. Much like Brad Pitt and I are both male, both historic events have similarities. Like all metaphors they break down and become but fuzzy at best.
Steve put nine hours of interview on 9 CD's and did a nice job at laying out the framework for me to create an honest analysis of what has happened and show you how to process and predict what will occur next.
Each CD addresses a major problem and helps the intelligent person get how the actions of national leadership are shifting decisions that individuals must make.
CD 1 The United Nations and China both called for activating a little known "currency" called the SDR so the dolIar would no longer need to be the reserve currency for the world. I explain just what this means to the world, what it means to you and how you can make changes if, and when, this happens.
The current reality is much more complex than the media describes it, and frankly, if they did describe what really was happening, there would be a general panic instead of a general series of rational actions that could minimize the impact of the hurricane. (Actions that won't be taken for many years, if ever.)
CD 2 Even intelligent people struggle with understanding what currency is. How is it that yo can go to the store with paper in your wallet and buy something and walk out the door with what you bought. Here we delve into what is going to happen before hyperinflation hits.
Understanding what deflation and inflation are and what is going to happen next and why is crucial. Most people will get it wrong and make errors in
decisions that they can't afford to make.
CD 3 A hard hitting look at the economic stimulus. It's not possible for such an action to succeed but there WILL be a "lull" where it will APPEAR to succeed and that lull will be the biggest trap that only those in banking and government will be able to take greatest advantage of. Nevertheless as long as we can make choices, we can take specific actions to ward off this massive challenge.
CD 4 Gold. You've heard me talk about the necessity for people to accumulate gold for about four years now.  If you paid attention, good for you. If not, realize that this instrument of safety will at times appear to have not been a necessary acquisition. Another trap which will catch many off guard. And there is more than gold that is important in protecting yourself and those that matter to you. We'll talk about all of those things here, including WHERE DO YOU PUT WHAT IS LEFT OF YOUR MONEY NOW?
CD 5 A number of  people have recently asked if they should put their money into real estate, specifically apartment complexes. The answer is, that WOULD HAVE been a good thing to do a few months ago. You might want to listen to this CD before you make ANY REAL ESTATE decisions. And for decisions that relate to retirement, you probably would find the second half of this CD worthy of pondering.
CD 6 You know I've been an advocate of having a non brick and mortar business for some time. I still am for about 23 more months, then we have to re-evaluate. For the MOMENT,  it still holds the greatest opportunities for the intelligent person. Why this might change in 23 months is rather fascinating...
CD 7 In chaotic periods, "beliefs" become very important, and require constant adjustment. The most difficult thing for people is acknowledging they were wrong. Having a weekly "fact checker" is crucial. Your beliefs in the next decade, beginning now will completely alter the course of your life and those you care about. And in a different way than I usually speak of, "mindset" matters as it never has in this countries history.
CD 8 There are many dangers waiting out there. The two most attractive are: following the trend and being a contrarian. The latter will be more profitable for the next decade, BUT if you begin to BELIEVE and ACT as if you are always a contrarian instead of being a Fact Checker, your choices will not pan out for the better.
There is a lengthy bonus CD. I'm not going to talk about what's on it. How's that for not selling the bonus....
Some things are just left better not in print.
I don't do doom and gloom. Neither I do "fearless" because "fearless" is how people end up six feet under. There is a logical, rational and basic approach to understanding everything that is happening in the world. But the fact is that there are a lot of people that won't be able to wrap their minds around it all. That's OK. If you simply GET the basics which I lay out on the CD's in Steve's framework and DO SOME of the most important actions, that will keep you near or in "The Eye of the Storm."
There is NO follow up product to this. No cult to join. No hedge fund to sell. This program is complete in itself for the very reason it needs to be: It's rational objectivity and accuracy.
I hate hype in general. In this case, it is important to be even more wise with words.

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The Eye of the Storm: The Only Place of Safety in the Coming Decade of Drama

8 Full Length Audio CDs, Plus Bonus CD and Manual on CD

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